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Create the Mobile App tailored to your Company

In recent years, mobile apps have become a new channel for communicating with customers in an immediate and organized way, offering them personalized services based on the type of business.


The Mobile App have become a popular tool because they offer information in an organized, consistent and easily accessible way. There are B2B apps that the company uses internally, for example for administrative use or to offer a service to its customers such as document management and their related deadlines and staff training. B2C Apps, on the other hand, usually offer different experiences: for example, they facilitate the choice of a purchase, giving the final customer a faster service.

Luxury Outlet

Wiphi has created the mobile apps of Torino Outlet Village and Sicilia Outlet Village, also generating important advertising campaigns for them, significantly improving the web visibility of the famous Luxury Outlets. The apps have been downloaded by many users who have been able to enjoy an even more exclusive and interesting shopping experience thanks to the location of the Brands inside the Outlet, the car in the parking lot, the section dedicated to ongoing promotions and events, a section with all the services provided by the Outlet.

Location and tracking app

Wiphi has created a localization and tracking App useful to know the precise position of any asset within a room even in the event of any movements, keeping track of it in real time.
This innovative App was created for Public and Private Bodies that need to track, have under control and view every single asset, often of great value, inside the buildings, in order to have them perfectly stored with photos and descriptions and know every single move. The entire project was developed with the partnership of a Bleb Technology technological start-up , a supplier of sensors that were applied to all the assets to be monitored.

Document management for Haccp companies and occupational safety

We have created the document management App for training and certification companies in the food and safety sector.
The App is very useful for receiving documents, manuals, certificates and any type of material suitable for viewing on smartphones and tablets, in real time. Furthermore, the materials can be printed, saved locally and shared. The app communicates quickly and easily, updating users in real time with push notifications, emails and sms on the deadlines of the courses to be taken and on the expiring certificates. The App is connected to a web platform that the administration uses to manage customer data.

The strengths of the projects developed up to now for client companies are the respect of delivery times,
the creativity that makes each project unique, differentiating it from the others and the prompt assistance provided once online.

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