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Moodle Training

Wiphi Srl is one of the leading Moodle trainers and experts in Florence. The company, in fact, is responsible for providing online business courses on Moodle and therefore training on the operation of this open source e-learning platform for teaching, training, distance training.

Especially in this period there is a need to move online learning and Moodle is the right solution for both trainers and website administrators. Thanks to this learning system, teachers can deliver courses online, so that they can also be followed remotely: training therefore never stops.
Although Moodle is an easy and intuitive e-learning platform, it has numerous features, which is why the need to train on the use of the platform arises. In fact, Wiphi Srl takes care of this, helping users, whether they are trainers or website administrators, to be totally autonomous in the use of online courses on Moodle.

What are the advantages that our company offers 

Wiphi as a company of Moodle teachers provides remote training, for about 3 hours a day, with practical workshops, theoretical lessons and simulations for users to carry out. Thanks to remote screen sharing, Wiphi Srl is able to support companies and schools in using the platform even remotely, a principle on which the Moodle platform is based.

3h per day of training
Theoretical Lessons
Practice and guided workshop

Another of the main advantages of Moodle is that it is totally customizable, Wiphi, in fact, can also customize the interface according to the company colors. In particular, Wiphi, during the various stages of training on Moodle, helps to correctly configure the platform.

Among the activities that Wiphi offers there is the structuring of the courses, the administrative training, as well as the creation of the database on the Moodle CMS for the user groups of the various virtual classes, the creation of course categories and subcategories, the creation of slides to follow during the Moodle online courses and the provision of the customized manual.

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