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Give visibility to your business with social media

We create and configure corporate social profiles, taking care of both textual and visual content, through editorial plans according to the brand identity and communication strategies through advertising activities. Furthermore, we pay great attention to customer care, both through chat and reviews, virtual word of mouth that have increased bookings, purchases and store visits, for many companies.


Social Networks are very important for companies, for several reasons: as channels to inform customers, intercept their needs and accompany them in the purchase choice. A social page must always be well maintained and in line with the brand identity; it tells the story of the company and the product through storytelling, a story made up of words and images consistent with the business philosophy. All with attention to the customer through customer care, management of messages and reviews aimed at welcoming all the positive and negative aspects of an experience. We do storytelling and increase the awareness of brands, as well as their success, also with Advertising activities. References available upon request.

Torino Outlet Village

We have taken care of the communication of Torino Outlet Village since its pre-opening through teasing activities both on social networks and on the website. We also attended live during the opening event, kicking off a long collaboration that allowed us to develop a large community of Luxury Fashion enthusiasts, building customer loyalty with accurate customer care. We have placed greater attention on Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor.

Sicilia Outlet Village

Following the online communication for Sicilia Outlet Village for many years has been exciting and fun. Social media fans have always responded positively to the shopping experience or to the participation of the numerous events and promotions organized during the various seasons. We have successfully obtained over 300,000 fans, many of them regular and loyal customers, but also tourists who always gladly come back every year to visit it. Excellent, attentive and fast customer care and social media management aimed at increasing community engagement were the foundations of success on social media for Sicilia Outlet Village.


The world of fashion is a pioneer in communication and in the way of communicating, keeping up with all the news that the web offers is essential to satisfy an audience that is increasingly attentive to product quality and after-sales service. For Colette we take care of communication on Facebook and Instagram with a B2B target aimed at all fashion entrepreneurs who have a boutique or a department store. Finally, we have made numerous shootings on the occasion of new campaigns.

Save the Kitchen

Save the Kitchen, an Italian company that launches the idea of ​​kitchen renovation, that is to give a new value to kitchens, maintaining their structure but replacing some ruined and outdated components, relies on our Social Media Marketing strategy. Advertising campaigns, Instagram Design, Customer Care via Facebook are just some of the activities that we carefully and successfully manage.

Satori Restaurant

In a context of great competition about restaurants, having an updated Facebook page that truthfully presents the cuisine that is proposed can be a support to the visibility of a commercial activity. For the Satori Restaurant, which offers traditional Japanese cuisine with some fusion influences, there is a great following of fans who appreciate its contents and beautiful photos.

Instagram Design
The graphic and creative planning of your Instagram business profile.
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