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Document management platform
Management, organization and sharing

Wiphi has created a Web Platform and Mobile App to manage the document management of activities carried out in the field of Secure food and Workplace safety, training and certification.

In fact, the platform allows the management of customer personal records, in an easy way and with a high user experience . Customers receive, in real time, all the material available thanks to the mobile app. Documents can be viewed or saved for free use.

Another service offered is the online agenda with the ability to view all deadlines and activate an intelligent alerting system that notifies the customer via email, push notifications, SMS. Consequently, this notification system allows the customer to have everything under control.
Do you want to manage the document deadlines of your company in order not to incur penalties? What are you waiting for?

How to get reminded of expiring files?

The consultancy company in the field of Secure food and in the workplace safety loads all documents on its management platform , entering the relative deadlines. The user / customer can thus easily keep their documentation under control, thanks to the notifications of the App. Notifications arrive when a document or certification is about to expire, when a training course is scheduled and when there are initiatives planned.

Document organization

Document management is divided by category: documents relating to personnel (certificates, personal data), company documents (invoices, certificates, documents), any courses to be taken and certifications to be renewed.

Alerts and deadlines management

The status of the documents is easily identifiable: expiring documents and those already expired are highlighted with different colors according to their characteristics.

In fact, for each expiring and / or expired document, the company sends reports to the customer via push notification, e-mail and sms from the appropriate management panel.

Selection and sharing

Today sharing documents is a fundamental need for those who want to manage their business quickly and easily. The App is designed to allow the customer of the certification company to select documents, save them on their smartphone or in the cloud and send them via e-mail, whatsapp, messages.

Customize your app

The App is customizable: for further information and more details we will be pleased to answer you on 055-0881000.

Our Info Point gives you a first free consultation on how to use the platform and with what advantages, to meet your needs and guide you on what the construction costs are.

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